Tabish Bilal

Focusing on Reintegration of inmates, Tabish is a Human Resource Graduate and is continuing his SCF for year 2 as well, Tabish is working on a statistical study on post release life of inmates and is creating standard operating booklet for reintegration.

Eleena George

Focusing on Reformation of inmates, Eleena joined the first cohort of SCF is continuing her fellowship for year 2, she took more than 600 sessions in prison till now, Eleena co-founded 'Project Unlearn' in her fellowship term.

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Gauri Sharma

Focusing on Rehabilitation of inmates, Gauri completed her PhD in Prison Reformation and joined the second cohort of SCF, Gauri is creating a helpline to support released prisoners called 'Kunji' in her fellowship term.



Tod Etheredge 

Focusing on Re-integration of inmates, Tod joined as the AIF Clinton Fellow and became part of the first cohort of SCF, Tod worked on creating 'Post Release Support Manual' in his fellowship term.

Vedant Dev Sharma

Youngest of all, Vedant is a psychology graduate with legal aid support as interest area.He is working on 'Bail Support Program' in his tenure of Second Chance Fellowship .

Harneet Singh

A fashion management graduate Harneet made a switch from her corporate life in Bangladesh to SCF, she worked intensively on setting up Betterlife Prison School and worked on creating SOP for it..




Mohit Raj

Mohit co-founded Second Chance Fellowship with the objective of bringing new age solutions to the age old problems of Indian Prison System,He believes in the potential of youth and wish to facilitate it for overhauling of the current obsolete prison system.

Saanchi Marwaha

Saanchi co-founded Second Chance Fellowship with the objective of facilitating an eco-system where Civil Society,Prison Administration, Government and Development Organisations collectively own and work rights of prisoners.