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As a fellow, you’ll have your share of adventures, trials, successes and failures often due to a lack of experience or support. Having the right perspective and a good mentor will make the difference between giving up and staying on. A mentor works together with fellows to nurture and guide them to achieve the results they desire.

Mentor-Fellow Process


Identify your role and goals. Take a deep dive to understand your challenges


Connect to your individual mentor on basis of your profile and interest.


Find new perspectives from your mentor. Communicate and collaborate. Address your challenges.


Serve what you are passionate about holding hand in hand with your mentor..


Mohit Raj

Mohit co-founded Second Chance Fellowship with the objective of bringing new age solutions to the age old problems of Indian Prison System,He believes in the potential of youth and wish to facilitate it for overhauling of the current obsolete prison system.

Saanchi Marwaha

Saanchi co-founded Second Chance Fellowship with the objective of facilitating an eco-system where Civil Society,Prison Administration, Government and Development Organisations collectively own and work rights of prisoners. 

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