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Interventions started by Second Chance Fellows

25+ Felllows have graduated till now who have started 7 new registered interventions , collectively served more than 10000+ prisoners in various prisons in India.



Project Unlearn

Reducing recidivism in sexual violence/crime cases in Indian prisons


A program has been designed to create a safe space for male youth in prisons and high crime neighbourhoods to discuss gender-based issues – sexual violence, assault. A contextual educational kit curriculum named Pehal has been created with the help of incarcerated men. 



Structural support system to recently released prisoners.


Need-based information in form of a booklet and Helpline for the released prisoners for their smooth transition into the society post-release.

Booklet and Helpline have been designed - to support ex-inmates with immediate challenges they face post their release.

Further, an SOP was designed which mentions selected Govt. schemes and documents required in the process of rehabilitation and reintegration. 

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Better Life Prison School

Scope of structural program design for educational and vocational support in prison.


It was established in 2017 inside Tihar Jail No. 5 to work with young inmates between the ages of 18 and 21. The focus of the school is to work on functional literacy and developing life skills of the incarcerated youth. 

Peer-fellows are a second layer of change makers created by SCF fellows who are placed in the school with the help of the prison authorities. The peer-fellows are selected, and training and capacity-building sessions are conducted to enable them to conduct sessions with other prisoners at the Better Life Pri School.


Prison Manifesto

Voting Rights to prisoners


It is an initiative advocating for the voting rights of inmates. We are creating a manifesto document with the consultation of all major stakeholders to present it to all political parties..

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Project Rhai

Bail Support Program


A crowdfunding platform to get people out on bail who have completed their sentence and do not have money to provide bail. It is only done for inmates who are recommended by prison staff on the account of reformed behaviour in their prison time and do not have any financial support from families.


Baat - Cheet

Mental Health of Prisoners


A safe space in prisons in a peer to peer model to express and initiate dialogues on topics such as sexuality & substance abuse.  Enabling individuals to effectively handle issues/ problems commonly encountered in daily life through critical thinking along with counselling and therapy.



Project Nazariya

Alternatives to imprisonment


Providing access to alternatives to imprisonment to as many eligible people as possible.Project Nazariya aims to make alternatives a norm and imprisonment an exception in the current criminal justice system by becoming a single point of access to information and resources with regard to alternatives to imprisonment.



Status of Women Prisons in India


The intervention will determine the trauma of female inmates and their needs. This will aid in the recognition and modification of antisocial behaviour or through various targeted interventions, as well as the creation of a data repository for future outlooks.

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