65% of inmates in Indian Prisons do not have competence of 5th grade,more than 15% cannot even read and write.Second Chance Fellows are working on providing functional literacy classes to incarcerated youth which help them ease their life in prisons by securing better jobs inside prisons, help them negotiate the legal aid, help them appear for NIOS Exams pre and post release.

Every dollar spent on prison education saves four to five dollars on the cost of re-incarceration*

Life Skills

23% of Incarcerated youth in India Prisons are in Crime against women,31% are under Human Body Offences.Second Chance Fellows are working to provide Life Skills sessions and workshops on issues like Gender Sensitisation, Conflict Resolution,Anger Management,Empathy  which give the beneficiaries a new perspective and viewpoint towards life.

Correctional education improves 13% chances of inmates  not returning to prison*


93% inmates are from unorganised sector, more than 97% have unemployable skills, no data on how many get self/wage employment post release.Second Chance Fellows are working on providing post release livelihood support to inmates by facilitating jobs inside prison and post release employment search.

The chances of obtaining employment post-release are 13% higher than the odds for those who did not participate in correctional education
* Statistics given above are part of a 36 year study done by RAND Corp, Netherlands