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Systemic Changes

Fellows are placed in the prison premises to interact and work directly with various stakeholders of the prison system to identify and understand systemic problems, trends, patterns to create solution-based interventions.

Our aim is to take reformation a step forward from hard skill development to a space of identification of systemic issues and bring forth visible change that can help the prison systems reform its community without biases, identifying ones who should not be there and helping them with a voice of social justice.


To create a meaningful and long-term change in systemic issues, it is essential to define achievable action projects.

Fellows are paired with prison inmates who identify as peer fellows, who brainstorm on a thematic issue and create an action plan to better understand and address the ground realities.


Social Entrepreneurs

SCF gives an opportunity to become social entrepreneurs in the field of criminal justice by translating the action projects into sustainable and scalable initiatives.

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